Bluetooth Low Energy


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    New avenue for Business

  • Creating a world in which the InterneT exists in our life

  • Actualizing the changing world through IoT

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    Easy management

    Administrators can log in the website to manage employees and make employee attendance reports
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    Low cost, Easy to use

    You do not have to buy time attendance machines at high prices, instead of that, you can deploy the system easily just with a beacon
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    Check in / check out Quickly

    Employees will not be expected to queue up for check in, they can use the app to check in and check out immediately

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Why should cellular IoT be different to other technology rollouts?

Along comes the Internet of Things, and for some reason, the pundits begin to talk about the importance of introducing low-cost modules as an enabler for the market to take off.

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Homeland Security invests $750k to secure IoT disaster sensors

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced a $750k investment to develop a solution which bolsters the security of IoT disaster sensors.

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Why IoT security is so important - and what to do about it

Is there a market hotter than the IoT? As manufacturers connect the internet to everything from baby monitors to automobiles, economic analysts such as Bain and McKinsey predict...

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